February 2, 2024

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Amidst Rapid Business Growth, Casey Bartolucci Joins The Soda Team To Lead Nationwide Payer Expansion

Following recent nationwide partnerships with leading retailers Kroger, Albertsons, and Hy-Vee, Soda Health announces the appointment of Casey Bartolucci as its first-ever Chief Commercial Officer to lead the company’s health plan expansion efforts.

Soda Health’s two-sided marketplace pairs retailers with health plans to bring smarter and more targeted ways to deliver benefits for food, health products, and services to their members. With the rapid expansion of the retailer side of the model, Soda Health is now adding executive strength with the addition of Casey to address the distinct needs of health plans. Co-founder and President Daryl Risinger continues to lead the merchants side of the business and Customer Success.

“We are building a high value network with the most innovative and admired retailers in grocery and pharmacy. Working with them to unlock outsized value for members is an essential tenet of our ambition to build the operating system of the future for benefits,” said Robby Knight, co-founder and CEO of Soda Health. “This addition allows us to continue our rapid retail network growth while providing an enhanced level of partnership for our health plan partners. We are thrilled to welcome Casey to help expand our fast-growing health plan network.”

Casey brings years of value-based care experience from Stellar Health, where he served as the Chief Growth Officer and head of enterprise sales, contributing significantly to the company’s growth. His experience in startups, extensive health plan network, depth of expertise in value-based care, and proven ability to develop transformative business models make him an ideal fit for leading Soda Health’s new business division.

“Soda Health’s business model aligns incentives between health plans and retailers in a truly novel way. This was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down,” added Casey Bartolucci, Soda Health’s new Chief Commercial Officer. “I’ve spent my career helping health plans drive better outcomes for their members by working more closely with providers. Soda Health does exactly that with retail pharmacies and grocers, which serve as the face of local healthcare.”

The appointment of Casey Bartolucci as Chief Commercial Officer underscores Soda Health’s commitment to growth, innovation, and delivering value to both health plans and retailers within its marketplace model.