Stop distributing complex cards that don’t make sense

July 18, 2022

By: Liz Baker

Health equity was a prevailing theme across AHIP 2022. Particularly, the idea that everyone’s right healthcare journey looks different.

That means meeting your members where they are. They’re at grocery stores, gas stations, buses, pharmacies, hospitals, and kids’ sports games.

How can you meet members where they are
if you distribute complex cards that just
don’t make sense?

Members want a simple tool, one that is already in their wallet: a debit card. I swiped my debit card 8 times yesterday. Can you imagine the outcome of engaging your members 8 times in a day?

Soda Health can do this, and we can also:

Lower the cost of care

Your plate is full enough. Partner with Soda Health to eliminate the administrative drain and simplify delivery.

Create equitable reimbursement to community-based organizations

Soda Health can put a card in people’s wallets to cover everything.

Mirror Medicare and Medicaid requirements and flexibility

Soda Health’s payments technology is purpose-built to braid funding and direct people to the unique benefits and resources they need.