Hy-Vee & Soda Health Launch New Health and Wellness Benefits Program to Deliver Care that Supports, Incentivizes and Rewards Healthy Choices

January 10, 2024

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This partnership transforms Hy-Vee stores into points of care for Medicaid, Medicare, and other health insurance members to redeem benefits for healthy food, nutrition support, medications and everyday health care items




WEST DES MOINES, Iowa and BENTONVILLE, Ark. (Jan. 10, 2024) — Hy-Vee, Inc. and Soda Health announce today the launch of a new Smart Benefits program that allows recipients to receive personalized health and wellness benefits at all Hy-Vee locations across the retailer’s eight-state region. The program is available to participating Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and employer benefits programs, as well as other public organizations.

The benefits are personalized and delivered down to the SKU-level, ensuring that dollars may only be used on the products that contribute to a healthier lifestyle and health outcomes. Through the program, recipients can receive personalized benefits on fresh produce, over-the-counter pharmacy items, clinical services, nutritional counseling and more. Recipients will also receive personalized health support, including reminders about health screenings, vaccinations, prescription refills and information about medical supplies that relate to their specific health conditions.

The partnership aims to reduce food insecurity and improve overall health outcomes by promoting healthy habits and lifestyles among individuals and employer groups, utilizing Hy-Vee’s team of registered dietitians and a network of more than 275 retail pharmacies. The benefits program is powered by Soda Health, a health technology company that helps individuals identify, access and pay for the resources they need to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Participants may be eligible to access any of the following services and products available through the program, depending on their health plan:

  • Food Benefits: Can be used on fresh fruits and vegetables, nutritious food items, medically tailored meals, meal plans and more. Hy-Vee dietitians are also available to provide recipes, food preparation resources and personalized food recommendations to help manage patient-specific conditions.
  • Biometric Screenings: Can help identify potential risk factors for chronic diseases like heart disease, hypertension or diabetes, with follow-up nutritional programs led by Hy-Vee registered dietitians.
  • Condition Management Programs: Help individuals learn how to manage certain health conditions through nutrition and lifestyle changes. Programs available for maternal health, diabetes, weight management and hypertension.
  • Dietitian Services: In-person or virtual nutritional counseling sessions to help individuals reach their personal health and wellness goals.
  • Vaccinations: Routine vaccinations to help protect individuals’ health. Vaccinations are available for flu, COVID-19, RSV, shingles, pneumococcal and more.
  • Smoking Cessation: A group course that provides resources and support in individuals’ journey of quitting smoking.

The program is funded by insurance plans, and other health benefits organizations, to help increase access to health care and address social determinants of health. Through the program, employer groups have the opportunity to create customized benefit plans that best support their employees and can include incentives like gift cards, fuel discounts, exclusive coupons and more. The benefits can also be used to pay for transportation to medical appointments and personal utility bills.

“Through this new program, we make managing health easier for our customers,” said Aaron Wiese, president of Hy-Vee. “As a trusted grocer and a health care provider, we are uniquely positioned to reach and engage with individuals in the Midwest and beyond as we help support them in their health journey. Soda Health offers an innovative benefits platform that complements our expertise in food, nutrition and pharmacy, so ultimately, we can help improve a person’s overall health.”

“Hy-Vee is one of the most innovative retailers in the country that has established a reputation for its customer experience and enhanced pharmacy services,” said Robby Knight, CEO and co-founder of Soda Health. “Hy-Vee, participating health plans and Soda Health will offer a whole-health approach and partner to reduce administrative costs, so those funds can be reinvested back in areas that help consumers improve their health outcomes. Together, we are bringing localized, personalized, comprehensive health care to customers who need it most at the locations they visit the most.”