A new approach to fix what’s broken

An end to one-size-fits-all supplemental benefits. No more declined debit cards, unsubstantiated purchases, or money loaded on gift cards never to be used. Introducing smart benefits – a dynamic solution to change with your needs and those of your members.

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Built from the ground up for health care so benefits work as hard for you as they do for your members

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Working together to improve health outcomes

Deep retail partnerships to give your members a better experience and better value for the benefit dollars you’ve invested – delivered by the pharmacists and nutritionists they know and trust.

Bridging the gap between the cost of living and living healthier

Going beyond the basics, we proactively identify SDOH related needs and provide access to resources, dollars, and services to reduce health inequities and improve HEDIS measures.

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Breast Cancer Screening

Colorectal Cancer Screening

Annual Flu Vaccine

Monitoring Physical Activity

A smarter approach to optimizing your spend: Moneyball

Proprietary tools to optimize your benefit dollars and bonus payments, so you can maximize enrollments, improve Stars performance, and achieve member satisfaction – all while delivering better care.

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Pinpoint accurate unit-level substantiation

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We do all the work, you get all the credit

A consumer-grade engagement platform built to work as an extension of your brand. It’s your brand & more.