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Benefits that work harder

Benefits should be a strategic value driver, not a cost of doing business. Evolve beyond basic benefits to better meet your employees’ needs, so they can show up for work at their best.

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Smart benefits work

Too many benefit programs are under-utilized, under-valued, under-appreciated. At the same time, most companies continue to struggle with absenteeism, presenteeism, and productivity. Strategic benefits, well-deployed, save money, drive results, and increase retention.



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Diverse employees have diverse needs

One-size-fits-all benefits fit no one. Now you can offer tailored benefits, so one-size-fits-one. Maximize impact, eliminate waste.

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Employees don’t leave their SDOH challenges at the door

Give even your unenrolled employees the support they need so that they can give their best. We identify SDOH challenges and connect employees with the resources they need, sourcing the funds and care organizations, so your HR departments don’t have to.

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Local retail makes benefits easy to use, easy to value

We’ve partnered with the retailers and merchants your employees use every day to help you get the most out of your benefit investment. Local. Simple. Trusted.

Easy to administer, painless to manage

Benefits administration the way it was meant to be: analytics tools to identify your most highly used, highly valued, and highest return benefit categories. Flexibility to change and customize benefits throughout the year as employee circumstances and needs change. And the ability to recapture unspent funds.

Soda health partnered with us to develop and offer powerful solutions for Fortune 100 employee benefits plans. They are creative, responsive, and focused on benefits that make a real difference for employers and their employees.”

Dane Guarino

CEO at EmsanaCare