Carded Benefits

Turning points of purchase into points of care, every day.

Our Smart Benefits card connects people to the things they need, when they need them, bridging the gap between the cost of living and living healthier.

A hand holding a Soda Health Smart Benefits card with a supermarket aisles blurred out in the background.
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Senior woman smiling and looking at computer tablet learning about ride benefits.

Smart benefits are better

React to your members’ changing needs in real time so they have the support they need, when they actually need it. Use your benefits to help members to change behaviors, close care gaps, or more easily access the resources they need.

One card that does it all

Dynamically add, update, remove, or reload any benefit instantly on any user’s card. It’s one card that can be used anywhere, smart enough to restrict purchases down to an item level so that milk is in, ice cream is out. And more than smart enough to maintain separate funds for OTC, food, transportation, and even utility payments. Even better, it’s branded in a way to give you the credit and consumers their dignity.

Hands preparing a dose of insulin

Supplemental benefits meets gap closures

Cards aren’t just a way to access benefit dollars at Soda Health, they are a platform for sustained engagement. We nurture personalized engagement to help you achieve clinical performance and health outcomes you need. We focus on care and quality beginning January 1 to amplify your HEDIS measures plan so you never fall.

An engagement platform built for them. And you.   

Consumer-grade engagement that is human, personalized, and valuable so that members love to use it. They can check balances, find where to shop, tell us what they need, discover local resources for SDOH-related needs, and access personalized content, all using our portal or whichever communication channel they prefer. You can message specific populations, identify the next best action, and you gather the insights you need to identify and respond to changes in your members’ life circumstances before a claim occurs.