Outsmart. Outdeliver. But never outspend.

Everything is riding on your ability to maximize the value of your MA dollars. Stars ratings. Market Share. Profitability. Satisfaction. Health outcomes. Soda Health has a tool to make simulation, optimization, and differentiation smarter, so you can reinvest in the benefit dollars that serve your members the most.

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Superior analytical intelligence that never forgets the people you serve: The right benefit to meet the most acute needs.

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Tools that make your actuaries jealous

Proprietary benefit optimization tools that work at the contract level to optimize the benefit mix members value most. Dynamically simulate every different combination you can imagine and see real-time projected enrollments for your company…and your competition. It’s the computer game your actuaries have always dreamed of playing. 

2023 Star Rating


+0.5 Improvement

Gaps Closed


+0.5 Improvement

Additional Measures Impacted


Financial Impact


Breast Cancer Screening

Colorectal Cancer Screening

Annual Flu Vaccine

Monitoring Physical Activity

One complete solution

Optimize your offerings. Superserve your members. Surgically focus on the care gaps that matter most. Reinvest bonus dollars in benefits that matter.

Total visibility to manage the business

We’ve built a custom reporting suite of tools so easy, it’s like having a team of actuaries on your shoulder. Competitive analytics. Benefit usage. Predictive gap tracking. Satisfaction and retention drivers. HEDIS and Stars elasticity and ROI. All in one easy to use solution.

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Happy members stay with you

We make member delight your new KPI. Because when members are happy, they are more likely to stay with their Plan. And more likely to give high satisfaction scores and recommend. And plans are more likely to reinvest to add benefits that drive more satisfaction And everyone gets healthier.


That’s how we all win.