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Soda Health is a healthcare technology company founded on the promise of reducing health inequity. We provide Smart Benefits that connect people to products and services they need, when they need them, so they can live healthier lives. We close health equity gaps and lower the cost of healthcare by bridging the gap between the cost of living and living healthier. We partner with health plans and retailers to deliver expansive benefits for things like healthy foods, OTC medications, or transportation. Beyond facilitating transactions, Soda Health understands each individual’s needs and connects people to the resources they need to live healthier lives.

Our Values

Relentlessly focused on solutions that address social determinants of health

Where people live, learn, work, and play affects a wide range of health risks and outcomes. Creating health equity begins with addressing each of these basic needs.

Personalized relationships foster better health outcomes

Health care shouldn’t be transactional. Sustained engagement occurs when the consumer is presented with something relevant, timely, and personalized in a way that creates urgency for action.

Soda Health Benefits Card with benefit callouts.

Better benefits and performance to inspire raving fans

We commit to delighting everyone we serve; that begins with an ever-expanding set of insights that create the next best action for consumers and quantitative ROI for sponsors.

Driven to continuously innovate

No matter the metric, we won’t relent until we remove the friction between our customers and the resources needed for their beneficiaries to achieve better health.


About our name - Soda Health

Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) have a major impact on health and wellbeing, as well as the cost of care. Our mission is so important, we found a way to work SDOH into our company name.

Meet the team

A world class team of health care, retail, fintech, and consumer leaders

Our Investors

Soda Health is at a unique intersection of healthcare technology, fintech and retail. Our investors are the ideal partners for our journey.

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Careers at
 Soda Health

Everyone’s health is individual, so we’re building a platform that recognizes and respects the individuality of every person in the health care system. Each of us. All of us. If you want to advance health care and address health inequities, and you love working at the intersection of healthcare, fintech, and retail engagement, why not join Soda Health and turn our mission into your reality?

Robby Knight

Robby Knight

Co-Founder and CEO

A social worker by training, Robby has made it his life’s mission to address health inequities in a broad and meaningful way. He believes to his core that there had to be a a better way for people to get their first order needs met – in an economic model that isn’t prohibitive for health plans and employers to scale. He became obsessed with an idea to transform how social care is delivered and Soda Health (the phonetic pronunciation for social determinants of health) was born. 

Robby was one of the architects behind Walmart Health, a founding member of Walmart’s health insurance brokerage, and was responsible for building Walmart’s flex card business into a $2B revenue stream within 3 years.

Robby has a Bachelor of Social Work, Master of Science in management information systems and MBA from the University of Alabama and a Master of Social Work from Columbia University. 

Daryl Risinger

Daryl Risinger

Co-Founder and President

A serial successful brand builder, Daryl has long recognized the health care industry as ideal for engineering disruptive strategies in the development of successful products, services and organizations. 

At Walmart, Daryl was the Chief Growth Officer for Health & Wellness and one of the architects of Walmart Health. Under his leadership, Walmart built the supplemental benefits business, going from $0 to $2B in revenues in 3 years. 

Prior to Walmart, his nearly 30 years of health care expertise has included Fortune 100 and start-up organizations within the pharmaceutical, medical device, hospital and outpatient services industries. What has been most consistent throughout his career is an innate ability to understand market needs, identify existing gaps and build the teams required to deliver market-leading solutions.  

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Chris is an experienced technology executive with extensive experience as a CTO in both healthcare and fintech industries.

His technical accomplishments include technology stack modernization, architecting solutions to position organizations for future growth while leading teams focused on high-priority, high-impact projects. He built and led teams at Rally Health, Aurora Investment Management and Backstop Solutions Group.

He is a summa cum laude graduate of Bradley University and a National Merit Scholar.

Jared Dauman

Jared Dauman

Co-Founder and Head of Operations

Fascinated with solving complex business problems, Jared was drawn to an eCommerce revenue cycle management startup at the beginning of his career. 

Later, on Walmart’s eCommerce team, he managed merchandising P&Ls within health and wellness. He sought out new business ventures for the category and as the directed spend program grew, Jared played an integral role in platform requirements, product strategy and day-to-day operations. During that time, he garnered strong relationships with healthcare payers and developed innovative ways to service their needs through fintech solutions. 

Jared has a Bachelor of Science business administration and entrepreneurship from Washington University in St. Louis. He was recognized as one of Forbes 30 Under 30 in Health Care.