We’re reducing health inequity

by making benefits smarter

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We’re reducing health inequity

by connecting people to the resources they need

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We’re reducing health inequity

so everyone can live their healthiest, happiest lives.

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Where people live, learn, work, and play affects a wide range of health risks and outcomes. Creating health equity begins with addressing each of these basic needs.

A holistic support framework

One card, one network, one partner, infinite possibilities

Supplemental benefits are just the beginning. Dynamically add, update, remove, or reload any benefit instantly on any user’s card. Use your investment and their engagement to help members to change behaviors, close care gaps, or more easily access the resources they need.

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Social Determinants of Health

Direct Survey Responses

Purchase Behavior

Portal Utilization

Communication Preference

Language Preference

Demographic Data

Claims/Clinical Data

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Better data drives better outcomes

If you’re going to truly serve individuals, claims data isn’t enough. We bring together retail data, SDOH and self-reported data, as well as health and propensity data, to identify the most important questions to ask to help personalize support and resources.

Turning points of purchase into points of careTM

We’ve built a network of outcomes-aligned retailers to serve people beyond the aisle – exclusive discounts, nationwide dietitian and pharmacist access, at convenient lower cost points of care.

A smartphone taking scanning the barcode on a package of raw spinach. There is a callout that says "Congratulations Joan, You made a healthier choice! We’ve added $5 to your account because you purchased fresh spinach. Well done!"

Personalization that drives healthy habits

Raising the standard for personalized engagement helps us meet people in the moment to get them what they need. Instantly. Without friction. Consumer-grade.


High value retail network committed to care

Meeting people where they are sometimes means meeting them where they shop. The relationship people have with their local grocer and pharmacist is trusted, frequent, and personal.

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